Friday, February 18, 2005

135: Ancient crocodilian

Yahoo! News - Scientists Unveil Fossilized Crocodile:

“We're learning about a new species of crocodile, the ecosystem of 70 million years ago, and the evolution of the land crocodile on the ancient continent of Gondwana,” Carvalho said.

Scientists believe the continents then were joined in a huge land mass, which some call Gondwana. Fossils similar to Uberabasuchus have been found in Africa and in Antarctica, which possibly were linked to South America.
Evolutionary hypotheses match up with independent geological hypotheses. Plus, we learn a little about ancient crocodiles.

As a side note, Gondwana is the southern super-continent. Laurasia was in the north. Both split from Pangaea, the single landmass that existed 225 million years ago.