Monday, February 21, 2005

176-188: Systematic Botany 28(4)

Let's just look at the titles from Systematic Botany 28/4:

Ecological Speciation: Lessons From Invasive Species. Donald A. Levin, pages 643–650.

Studying macroevolution in invasive species (weeds).

Patterns of Molecular and Morphological Variation in Leucobryum albidum, L. glaucum, and L. juniperoideum (Bryopsida). Alain Vanderpoorten, Sandra Boles, and A. Jonathan Shaw, pages 651–656.

Evolution in mosses.

Phylogenetics of Pinus Subsections Cembroides and Nelsoniae Inferred from cpDNA Sequences. David S. Gernandt, Aaron Liston, and Daniel Piñero, pages 657–673.

Phylogenetics = macroevolution. Pine trees.

A Taxonomic Revision of the Eastern North American and Eastern Asian Disjunct Genus Brachyelytrum (Poaceae): Evidence from Morphology, Phytogeography and AFLPs. Jeffery M. Saarela, Paul M. Peterson, Robert J. Soreng, and Ralph E. Chapman, pages 674–692.

Evolution of grasses.

Phylogenetic Relationships of the Afro-Malagasy Members of the Large Genus Begonia Inferred from trnL Intron Sequences. Vanessa Plana, pages 693–704.

Evolution of begonias.

Molecular Evidence for Definition of Genera in the Oxylobium Group (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). Michael D. Crisp and Lyn G. Cook, pages 705–713.

Evolution of some pea plants.

Resolution of the Galphimia langlassei Complex (Malpighiaceae) from the Pacific Slope of Mexico. Christiane Anderson, pages 714–722.

Understanding the evolutionary relationships between these plants.

Paraphyly of Tarasa (Malvaceae) and Diverse Origins of the Polyploid Species. Jennifer A. Tate and Beryl B. Simpson, pages 723–737.

How polyploidy evolves in different species, and understanding evolutionary relationships.

A Cladistic Analysis of Adelobotrys (Melastomataceae) Based on Morphology, with Notes on Generic Limits within the Tribe Merianieae. Leif Schulman and Jaakko Hyvönen, pages 738–756.

Cladistics = phylogenetics = evolution.

Cornus eydeana (Cornaceae), A New Cornelian Cherry from China—Notes on Systematics and Evolution. (Jenny) Qiu-Yun Xiang, Yu-Min Shui, and Zack Murrell, pages 757–764.

Evolution of a cherry.

A Revision of Nasa ser. Carunculatae (Loasaceae subfam. Loasoideae). Maximilian Weigend, Tilo Henning, and Christof Schneider, pages 765–781.

Evolution of these plants.

Inferred Phylogeny in Keckiella (Scrophulariaceae) based on Noncoding Chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA Sequences. C. Edward Freeman, J. Scott Harrison, John P. Janovec, and Ron Scogin, pages 782–790.

More evolution of plants.

Classification of Convolvulaceae: A Phylogenetic Approach. Saša Stefanovi, Daniel F. Austin, and Richard G. Olmstead, pages 791–806.

Using evolution to classify plants like sunflowers, asters, daisies, etc.